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  ‘Men, Women, Marriage, Relationships, Friendship, Love & Sex’ is volume II of the Peeling Off The Human Condition eBook series.

In the first volume of this series, The Hermit Poet explored our collective behavior as it relates to society. In this second volume, the focus is narrowed to male and female actions, as individuals and as participants on the many levels of togetherness that life offers.

The content is raw, direct, and sometimes comical. Human condition is in its most vivid form as men & women engage emotionally. Some moments are larger than we witness; carrying chapters of one’s life.

Relationships commonly originate by our emotional need to connect to another human. Love & sex will strengthen and spice up the connection. The more strength and truth these bonds hold; the more work is needed to keep it alive. Looking for comparability, we find that we are naturally opposites as we endure and enjoy our lives together.

Foreword By Carioca Da Gema


Table of Contents


1 | Cover page

2-13 | Featured Poems

14 | Credits

15-16 | Foreword

17-34 | WOMEN

35-55 | MEN

56- 61 | MARRIAGE



82-91  | LOVE

92-104  | SEX

105-118 | THE HERMIT POET (Poems & About)


Published by Edge of Humanity Magazine

© 2019 Edge of Humanity LLC


Can such a force exist? Yes, a bond can be so strong that two people always know 100+++ % that they are going to be right there for each other. Nothing is ever in doubt. Time just flows along. Days, months, years, and decades pass. Of course, life goes up and down, but the relationship continues to float along because the couple is totally in love and nothing can break that.

Then one day, the man has a medical scare and sees his woman so frightened with so much love coming out from her. The powerful love that she gave off cannot be expressed in words. The man’s love also flowed back to her at a rapid mighty pace. It seemed for those few moments, the man and the woman, were only one unit, completely separated, from everything on the planet.



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FREE eBook | Tropical Garden Stories | Photography & Poetry | By The Hermit Poet


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Edge of Humanity Magazine eBook Series



Tropical Garden Stories: Photography & Poetry 

  Whether located in your backyard, in the English countryside, or at a Japanese Buddhist temple, gardens give us a feeling of belonging. The overwhelming connection with the natural world awakens our senses, comforts our souls, and cleanses our minds. Replenished, most of us wish not to leave. In the garden, time is well spent.

In My Garden


About nature

The aroma

The taste


Growth sprouting


Trimming fresh decay

Emulating life

Garden changes all

  The poems in this eBook are short stories from the garden. As ‘The Hermit Poet’s mind flows, he observes his surroundings.
Foreword by Carioca da Gema


1 – Cover page

2 – Foreword

3 – Credits

4 – Contents

Uneven numbers from 5 to 89 – Photography

Even numbers from 6 to 88 – Tropical garden poetry

90 to 95 – Zen – Rock Garden Stories

96 to 105 – Vegetable Garden Stories

106 to 109 – The Whimsical Wise Bamboo

110 & 111 – Who is The Hermit Poet?


Tropical Garden Stories

Poetry & Photography

The Hermit Poet

Published by Edge of Humanity Magazine

Poetry by ‘The Hermit Poet’

Photography by ‘The Hermit Poet’

© 2018 Edge of Humanity LLC


Who is

The Hermit Poet?



Tried to open an email account today

1st company said

“Need a cellphone”

I only have a landline

2nd company said

“Push button home phone ok”

Not sure

What is worse?

Inflamed ankle

Stumbling around with a cane


After 18 years

With no mobile phone

One day


Muscled into a smartphone





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