Company sales meeting

First professional job out of university

Piss and vinegar salesman

Smashed 1st quarter sales quota

Top Dog

40 something year old salesman loudly called out

“ Hey kid

Throw enough shit against the wall and something will stick.”

Lesson learned: Laugh off older bitter people, who are disappointed with their life, and who try to break the spirit of someone younger.



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The bricklayer

Hunched over

Under hot Florida sun

Working twelve hour days

Moving ton after ton

Six years ago

Came from El Salvador

Across American Mexican border

Stashes every extra quarter

Like a hoarder

Dreams of going back to wife and two kids

Yet every day

Becomes older and older


The trader

Always glued to his computer screens

Charts, data, news feeds

Today on top

Next day may bleed

Wears the best threads

Custom made Italian suits

Silk ties

Aim for luxury penthouse

That reaches towards the sky

Weekends hit casino

Roll some dice

A couple lines of blow

To maintain high

Ego becomes oversized

Contact dominatrix

Expert at making grown men cry

Deep down

Not the money

That nukes the veins

It is being in the game