What should I do?

Choppy sea

Tourists gone home

Beach all for me


I sit under the sun


Agua de coco

With Jamaican dark rum

Should I go back and keep marching in the parade?

Play the charade

Or take U-turn


The instruction manual

On the fire


Watch it burn


Shattered eye glasses

Nothing makes sense anymore

Ice thawing

Below my feet

Trying to keep alive heartbeat

You offer me a weathered map

We both know

It is a trap

Speak louder

I’m having trouble hearing

You say I should follow society’s rules

What for?

All I find is locked doors



Massive migration

Urban population eruption

Left village for more prosperous life


Continuous flow comes in

 Culture thrown into rubbish bin

Live in a slum

Pollution chokes lungs

Crime rapidly controlling everyone

What will be impact on civilization?


News media boils pot of soup

Ultra-liberal professors brainwash youth

Think tanks bought and sold

Regurgitating propaganda

Doing as told

Powerful control the messengers

With titles and promises of gold

Pay billions for a startup

 Although employees do not make enough

For food, shelter, clothes

Divide the nation

Population full of hate and frustration

Elites continue rapid castration

Forced starvation

Pound peasants into the ground

When everything is taken

Board private jet and leave town



Damn right

I’m a cynical chap

Suffered my share

Of mishaps

Today’s world

  in a severe undertow

Nothing is sacred

So much hatred

Perverted terrorists

Have wet dreams

Of blowing planet

To smithereens

Central Banks’ books are cooked

Masters of finance crooks

Ponzi schemes left and right

Living expenses out of sight

Leaders are clowns

Running countries into the ground

Dump Hazardous waste everywhere

Companies do not care

I need fresh air

Is the food safe to eat?

Growth hormones


In the meat

Clean water hard to find

Global warming will destroy life on earth over time


Less privileged
Social climbers
Boomerang slackers
Believe in the good book
Or burn in hell
Pray five times a day
Study Quran
Or an infidel
Sprinkle ancient dust here and there
Until on their deathbed
Atheists do not seem to care
Who is right?
Who is wrong?
Respect each other’s beliefs
Start getting along
Before humankind is gone


Hold on a second
I will open wide
So you can shove it down my throat
Artificial intelligence
Tossing the human race
Down a catastrophic slippery slope
You high tech freaks
Crave to wire everything on the Globe
Creating software and machines
Without hearts
Armies of Robots
Totally state of the art
Seizing power
All societies will fall
Because geeks
Will no longer
Have the intellectual capacity
To halt
The contraptions
From controlling us all