Boy has no father.

She purchases very little fresh fruits and vegetables.

Mostly buys frozen and cans of food to save dollars.

Shares small apartment with another mother

Patch old car




Next Quarter


Always struggling to make sure bills are paid.

No free time and does not date.



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The old gambler

Lived in a small pool cabana

At a rundown motel

On Miami Beach

One evening

We drank several beers

Eat his homemade potato salad and kielbasa on the grill

When it was time for me to leave

Never again would we meet

The old gambler said:

“Save some of your coins so you do not end up broke like me”


My car broke down today


A high interest

Payday loan

No catching the bus

The mechanic

Will get paid

I work

For a dollar more

Than minimum wage


Lose sleep

 About becoming homeless

Only a couple lost paychecks away

Eat no name can or box dinners everyday

I’m told

To put money aside

For my old age

Not in prison



In a cage


Shattered eye glasses

Nothing makes sense anymore

Ice thawing

Below my feet

Trying to keep alive heartbeat

You offer me a weathered map

We both know

It is a trap

Speak louder

I’m having trouble hearing

You say I should follow society’s rules

What for?

All I find is locked doors


The father

Told his young son

“Here is a box of fresh picked grapefruit

Haul the fruit in your wagon

Go door to door

Keep going until all sold”

The boy

Did as he was told

Spending a few hours

Going house to house

Until all the grapefruit were gone

The father

Did not tell his son

That he priced the citrus so cheap

Many people would buy the fruit

Lessons learned:

    1. Self-confidence-believe in ability
    2. Do not quit until job done