Hold on a second
I will open wide
So you can shove it down my throat
Artificial intelligence
Tossing the human race
Down a catastrophic slippery slope
You high tech freaks
Crave to wire everything on the Globe
Creating software and machines
Without hearts
Armies of Robots
Totally state of the art
Seizing power
All societies will fall
Because geeks
Will no longer
Have the intellectual capacity
To halt
The contraptions
From controlling us all


Put it on the bain marie
May not eat for another century
Spent winter in Romania
Hung out with vampires from Transylvania
Full blood transfusions made me live forever
But much crazier
Worked my way over to India
Met a snake charmer who was even zanier
He gave me a worn copy of the Tao Te Ching
Went home to Miami
Every day for one month
Sitting on the beach
Reading all 81 chapters of writing by Lao Tzu
No more luxuries for me
Decided to pawn off all of my bling
To this day for no reason
When drinking coconut water
Start to sing
The Star Spangled Banner
Oh say can you see
Numerous shrinks unable to help me
Bought old wood sailboat
Went off to sea
Made landfall here in Tahiti
Really enjoy your company
Please pour me some more tea


Sitting on my beach chair

Who the hell needs a career?

Catching rays

Reading philosophy books all day

I’m not a frustrated big shot

With an empty fridge

But has kitchen granite counter tops


I live in a sixty year old three room shack

Concrete Block Structure

Flat Roof

Survived multiple hurricane attacks

Sharing space with





A gigantic organic vegetable garden out back

Love my Sony Walkman

Forget digital sound

Will die a cassette man

For over forty years


1-2 times per week

Colonoscopy just came back all clear

Drink Ice cold Heineken beer

Nine years ago stopped cutting my hair


The bricklayer

Hunched over

Under hot Florida sun

Working twelve hour days

Moving ton after ton

Six years ago

Came from El Salvador

Across American Mexican border

Stashes every extra quarter

Like a hoarder

Dreams of going back to wife and two kids

Yet every day

Becomes older and older


Had a moment that day


 To throw it all away


 One way ticket


 South of the border


 Live as a loner

Spending days


Drinking ice cold Coronas

Belly full of polo, ensalada, rice, beans


An occasional Senorita Bonita

Dressed in tight fitting jeans


I never laugh at others misery


This time it is worthy

Smaller and smaller

The number of places for the corrupt to hide

Stashing the cash

In safe locations

Is like sticking a finger in a beehive

The barristers who wash the money

Do not have complete control anymore

Setting up shell companies is the game

No one knows in whose name

For decades the scheme worked

The data kept in nice little paper books

Today information online

Compromised security

Could put all involved

 In a very bad bind

Maybe time to go back to old school

Buy Private Island


Bury currency, diamonds, gold coins

Under the mansion’s swimming pool


The trader

Always glued to his computer screens

Charts, data, news feeds

Today on top

Next day may bleed

Wears the best threads

Custom made Italian suits

Silk ties

Aim for luxury penthouse

That reaches towards the sky

Weekends hit casino

Roll some dice

A couple lines of blow

To maintain high

Ego becomes oversized

Contact dominatrix

Expert at making grown men cry

Deep down

Not the money

That nukes the veins

It is being in the game


You’re irritated

I know that you are

May I offer you a chocolate bar?


Life is unfair


There is no need to despair

Bad luck comes and goes

At least you have beautiful toes

You say I’m a clown

Who only plays around

Come over here

 Take my hand

I’m going to set you free


Whisk us off to a secretive magical land


Hot night in Bahia

It was obvious she was hurt like me

Well into our bottle of Argentinean wine

Ana moved forward in her chair

Pulled back her hair

Looked directly into my eyes

Started to cry

Without saying another word

She took my hand

Led me over to the beach sand


Made this man feel young again.