News media boils pot of soup

Ultra-liberal professors brainwash youth

Think tanks bought and sold

Regurgitating propaganda

Doing as told

Powerful control the messengers

With titles and promises of gold

Pay billions for a startup

 Although employees do not make enough

For food, shelter, clothes

Divide the nation

Population full of hate and frustration

Elites continue rapid castration

Forced starvation

Pound peasants into the ground

When everything is taken

Board private jet and leave town


I never laugh at others misery


This time it is worthy

Smaller and smaller

The number of places for the corrupt to hide

Stashing the cash

In safe locations

Is like sticking a finger in a beehive

The barristers who wash the money

Do not have complete control anymore

Setting up shell companies is the game

No one knows in whose name

For decades the scheme worked

The data kept in nice little paper books

Today information online

Compromised security

Could put all involved

 In a very bad bind

Maybe time to go back to old school

Buy Private Island


Bury currency, diamonds, gold coins

Under the mansion’s swimming pool


The trader

Always glued to his computer screens

Charts, data, news feeds

Today on top

Next day may bleed

Wears the best threads

Custom made Italian suits

Silk ties

Aim for luxury penthouse

That reaches towards the sky

Weekends hit casino

Roll some dice

A couple lines of blow

To maintain high

Ego becomes oversized

Contact dominatrix

Expert at making grown men cry

Deep down

Not the money

That nukes the veins

It is being in the game