The old gambler

Lived in a small pool cabana

At a rundown motel

On Miami Beach

One evening

We drank several beers

Eat his homemade potato salad and kielbasa on the grill

When it was time for me to leave

Never again would we meet

The old gambler said:

“Save some of your coins so you do not end up broke like me”


Some folks do not like changes.

Break the entire organization apart.

Resetting emotional equilibrium is the hard part.

It is time to do some spring cleaning.

Everything is covered with cobwebs and dust.

Chip away crust






Shake up the beans

Rip the seams

Experimentation galore

Grab a broom

Sweep out the store.

Innovation is never a bore.


Outdoor bar

Copacabana Beach

Rio de Janeirio

Two ladies

Sitting next to me


My old torn flip flops

They say

“Very poor gringo

Not a good catch”

I interrupt and say

“I have come to Rio many times

I’m married

To a Carioca

Her advice

Is to dress down

So I do not get robbed

Always works”

One of the ladies then says

“Your wife is very smart

Dressed like a poor gringo

Also keeps Rio women away”


Snip Snip

Snip Snip Snip

The barber

His shop

Located on a luxury avenue

Some wealthy patrons

Would discuss a stock or two

No ordinary conversation mind you

Just juicy

Trading knowledge

He was privy too

Blue Chips

Small Caps

Bull Markets

Bear Markets

Decades gone by

Never married


Investing every extra cent

Watching his portfolio

Climb up to the sky

One day

The barber died

Accumulating a sizable estate 

No family

No close friends

No one knew

No one to give the money too

Snip Snip

Snip Snip Snip


The father

Told his young son

“Here is a box of fresh picked grapefruit

Haul the fruit in your wagon

Go door to door

Keep going until all sold”

The boy

Did as he was told

Spending a few hours

Going house to house

Until all the grapefruit were gone

The father

Did not tell his son

That he priced the citrus so cheap

Many people would buy the fruit

Lessons learned:

    1. Self-confidence-believe in ability
    2. Do not quit until job done


Craps was the game he played

Once a month

Took a round trip flight

Lauderdale to Nassau

Carried his cash in an old bag

Stood most of the night

At the table

Sometimes won

Sometimes lost

His demeanor

Always stable

Just a way to unwind

The game

Cleared his mind