The prosperous

Old man









His cigarette

Into the ashtray

Looked at me and said


Success is easy

If you desire it

Some do

Some do not

Some are afraid of success

All the self-help

Mumbo Jumbo

Only goes so far


Horse blinkers on

March, March, March


March some more


Every muscle

Cannot move anymore”


Shattered eye glasses

Nothing makes sense anymore

Ice thawing

Below my feet

Trying to keep alive heartbeat

You offer me a weathered map

We both know

It is a trap

Speak louder

I’m having trouble hearing

You say I should follow society’s rules

What for?

All I find is locked doors


They come to Miami

 Purchase a multi-million dollar condo or two

The area has magnificent views

They do not put deed in their name

Setting up a shell company

Is how they play this game

Funds wired


Hong Kong, Istanbul, Sao Paulo or Dubai


Many times

Do not ask why

Push it out the door

All involved

Make out on this score

They wash the illicit cash

The corrupt

  In the future

May have to leave motherland




I must go now

Do not offer me anymore rainbows

Dreams full of horror

Mind in disorder

Voodoo priestess

Has poisoned my soul

Constant sleepless nights

Heart has turned black

I must go back

Purchased ticket to Haiti

Will locate the lady

Submit to her demand

Become her man


Snip Snip

Snip Snip Snip

The barber

His shop

Located on a luxury avenue

Some wealthy patrons

Would discuss a stock or two

No ordinary conversation mind you

Just juicy

Trading knowledge

He was privy too

Blue Chips

Small Caps

Bull Markets

Bear Markets

Decades gone by

Never married


Investing every extra cent

Watching his portfolio

Climb up to the sky

One day

The barber died

Accumulating a sizable estate 

No family

No close friends

No one knew

No one to give the money too

Snip Snip

Snip Snip Snip


The father

Told his young son

“Here is a box of fresh picked grapefruit

Haul the fruit in your wagon

Go door to door

Keep going until all sold”

The boy

Did as he was told

Spending a few hours

Going house to house

Until all the grapefruit were gone

The father

Did not tell his son

That he priced the citrus so cheap

Many people would buy the fruit

Lessons learned:

    1. Self-confidence-believe in ability
    2. Do not quit until job done


Craps was the game he played

Once a month

Took a round trip flight

Lauderdale to Nassau

Carried his cash in an old bag

Stood most of the night

At the table

Sometimes won

Sometimes lost

His demeanor

Always stable

Just a way to unwind

The game

Cleared his mind


Late night

Walking cobbled streets of Prague

Had one too many pilsners

Met a street performer

On the corner

Done for the night playing his violin

After an hour of shooting the breeze

I asked my new friend

Why is it that you are so at ease?

He replied:

“I play for spare change

 I’m the only one who needs to be pleased

Some people call me lazy and completely crazy


Too much ambition would no longer be fun being a musician

I accept who I am

No need to try to be on top of the highest mountain”