Sure, I enjoy flowers, sunshine, and the ocean breeze, but now I also look down to appreciate the beauty of the weeds.



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2 thoughts on “426

  1. Weeds are only weeds in urban environments. I’ve gotten used to enjoying all of the wildflowers while hiking in the mountains around here. Seeing them around my house is a pleasure. There are, however, weeds with beautiful purple flowers I used to pull when I had a lawn because they have painfully barbed stems, and others, like Russian thistle (tumbleweeds), with their loose “goatheads” which get caught on my shoes and pants, getting dragged into the house, sticking to everything. They are hard to remove from pet fur, clothes, or rugs, and very painful to step on. However, they do produce beautiful flowers. The desert is full of beautiful flowers, but the plants evolved over time to protect themselves very effectively.

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